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Why We Are Getting Our Head Out of the Sand

Just months ago I went to their high school graduation parties and summer sendoff celebrations, and now they are coming home again. They are washing out of their four-year colleges and licking their wounds with a few courses at our local community college. They have lost face, lost money and lost momentum. This is happening in my hometown, and all… Read more →

The rage of ‘white suburban moms’

Originally published 3/9/2014 in the News-Gazette In a speech last November that addressed the complaints pouring in regarding the Common Core Standards now being rolled out in our nation’s public schools, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan made the point that “white suburban moms who — all of a sudden — (discover) their child isn’t as brilliant as they thought… Read more →

A Suburban Parent Explains Why Suburban Parents Are Rallying Against PARCC Tests

Laura McKenna, a white suburban New Jersey mom (and writer for The Atlantic), analyzes the backlash against the Common Core and aligned standardized tests in Suburbia and Its Common Core Conspiracy Theories. The first cadre of Core haters were GOP Tea Party-ers: “politically motivated critics, who have rallied against a national system of learning standards for decades.” But now, as we… Read more →

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