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Our suburban snowflakes aren’t any smarter, they just have higher GPAs

Let’s add this to the mountain of evidence that suggests our nation’s suburban high schools are rewarding mediocrity. A new study by two researchers and reported here by USA Today indicates that teachers are increasingly handing out easy As to high school students who don’t deserve those high grades — and are learning less than they were two decades ago. The… Read more →

Mandating perfection: Why penalizing mistakes is a terrible way to help high schoolers learn

Errare humanum est. Seneca, a Roman Philosopher, spoke these words (“to err is human”) because he too knew the importance of mistakes. Even 2,000 years ago, people forgave humans for the inevitable mistakes they made. We all know humans live and breathe mistakes. Some students will forget to study for their math exam; while others, in the midst of repaying… Read more →

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