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Student-led conferences: Is this a fad that will fade, or the next great ed trend?

I have a friend who was looking forward to her first and only parent-teacher conference of the school year. She had some concerns about her son’s academic focus and wanted to talk honestly with her son’s teacher about strategies. But it was not to be. Instead it was a parent PLUS student teacher conference. And while she appreciated watching her… Read more →

How this mom learned how to embrace the next big thing: Personalized learning

A couple of days ago I had conversation with three students that went something like this: Me: How do you like your new class? Student 1: I don’t think the teacher likes me. Student 2: Yeah, he’s figured out how to skip the teaching part. All he does is direct us to a website where we work individually until class… Read more →

I want my high-tech classroom to help, not hinder in closing achievement gaps

I’m about to complete my 25th year as a high school teacher. I could be finishing out my career by lying low and coasting on the same lesson plans and methods I’ve always used—but I’m not. Instead, I’m finishing year three of creating a classroom that is in step with the ever-developing technological advancements of the 21st century by personalizing… Read more →

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