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We can teach empathy through classroom critical thinking

The barely suppressed rage and dysfunction that seems to pulse like a distended vein right beneath the surfaces of our cities and communities seems more and more to express itself through the barrel of a gun or horrid verbal and physical attacks.  Given what is going on around us daily, I have no idea how I would seek to reassure… Read more →

Why our students can’t think on their feet: Are our schools are too timid?

I’ve lately been wondering about a problem I’ve noticed with some of the students that I have taught over the years: an inability to think through an issue. This seems particularly evident in the sections of writing assignments where they have to either evaluate contrasting viewpoints or cogently explain their point of view on an issue or topic. The agape… Read more →

IL Officials Hoping Second PARCC Year Smoother than First

Springfield News Gazette, 3/21/16

The second year of PARCC testing is underway, with a shorter, simplified exam that state officials hope means fewer headaches than last year. The digital exam, which is officially called the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for Colleges and Careers, debuted in Illinois last spring. It was designed to better assess students’ critical-thinking and writing skills, aptitudes more in line with Common Core curriculum.

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