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Think playground bullying is a problem? Check out the vitriol on “Parents of…” Facebook pages

Here on the East Coast, we just had three back-to-back school cancellations because of snow. “Oh, happy day!” said no superintendent, ever. Grief has five emotional stages, but parents during snowstorms shuffle through countless stages. The drama that ensues waiting for the answer to “will they or won’t they cancel school?” is something to behold. And no matter what decision… Read more →

The Audacity of Accountability: Shame on Long Island’s ‘Wall of Shame’

Michael Goot in the upstate New York Post Star reports on a website called the Wall of Shame that currently highlights 15 school principals and superintendents, most from Long Island, who have expressed support for standards and assessments.  In response, the coalition called High Achievement New York sent a letter to several New York State legislators asking them to “ help us… Read more →

Parent bullies: The dark side of parental involvement in schools

A recent discussion in an online forum of mothers laid bare a dirty little secret many school parents deal with but few schools like to address head on: Parent-to-parent unkindness. Let’s just call it what it really is—bullying. This isn’t just a suburban mom issue, either. Even the urban moms on the forum said it’s rampant enough. It usually centers… Read more →

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