Isaiah Mulligan

Isaiah Mulligan

A teacher at DC Prep Benning Elementary in Washington DC, Isaiah is Antiguan American and grew up in the South Bronx as one of four children. He was the first in his family to receive a college degree, a BS in business management from Emmanuel College in Boston. He considers himself a hard worker, raised by parents who worked tirelessly to ensure he got what he needed academically and personally. When he's not teaching language arts to first graders, he loves watching movies, traveling, listening to music, and going out to restaurants. His goal in life is to make America a place where all people have the opportunity to excel and transform the world into a better place.

A tribute to my HS principal, who saw my potential before I could see it in myself

There is a truism about choosing one of two roads in life, but I don’t think this is true. I believe there are many roads we can take, and there are often people on the path who point us in one direction or another. My path to education was one that was not planned, but the experience has been life… Read more →

I’m a Black man teaching 1st graders in DC. I want them to believe anything is possible

This is part of a series of first-person pieces written by Black men in teaching talking about their educational  journeys and the importance of making all of our classrooms–in big cities and small towns–more representative and more responsive to the needs of our students. Recent research has reinforced how important it is for schools—especially elementary schools–to aggressively recruit and support… Read more →

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