Caroline Bermudez

Caroline Bermudez

Caroline is a senior writer at Education Post after spending eight years as a journalist. She was a staff editor at The Chronicle of Philanthropy, covering the non-profit world, with a particular focus on foundation. She is a proud graduate of Chicago Public Schools.

American Delusion: The Kids Are Alright

One of my favorite articles makes me laugh and cringe. Titled “What Corporate America Can’t Build: A Sentence,” the piece describes the plight of top companies spending billions of dollars to send their well-educated employees to remedial writing classes. Sprinkled throughout the article are hilarious examples of poorly written, sometimes incomprehensible, e-mails written by people who hold advanced degrees or… Read more →

The Privileged Doth Protest Too Much: Opt-Out in Long Island

I get it, I really do. Parents want the very best for their children. If they’re in a position to exploit any kind of competitive advantage they have at their disposal, they will gladly do so. Instinct dictates they seek the very best opportunities for their children. But this winner-take-all desire runs afoul of social justice, of what it means… Read more →

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