Carla Uriona

Carla Uriona

Carla’s greatest inspiration in life is her classical pianist mother who taught her that no dream was too big. Carla is an expert at climbing treehouses, biking, and building contraptions with her 6-year-old, Tomas. She writes about what it’s like to be a parent raising a curious, resilient kid in the series The Bathtub Moment. The idea for creating "How Is My Kid Doing" came to Carla as she was exploring education issues as a parent for the first time. She wanted to create a space for all parents to talk in an open, respectful environment that was conducive to thoughtful conversations, even when we disagree. For more details on How is My Kid Doing, please check out their videos and stories at Follow Carla on Twitter @uriona.

What my little ‘rocket man’ will need to succeed in a STEM career

Tomás and I spent about 15 minutes clicking through various motion graphics that explained what gravitational waves were. It was time to go to school, but Tomás begged for one more video that was lurking in the corner of the screen. Turns out, it was this video on NASA’s recruitment for the next generation of astronauts. Tomás watched, spellbound, his mouth agape… Read more →

College Remediation: ‘You don’t know what you don’t know, until you have to pay for it’

Sam Radford’s daughter got straight As in school. That should be the gold standard for being in good shape to go to college, right?  Wrong. We travelled to Buffalo, New York to talk to Sam and get his story. Watch Sam’s clip below (the full video is here). Sam’s story shows how hard it is for families to pony up money… Read more →

How the dreaded ‘test’ can change a kid’s life for the better

“Our family had a great experience today. We got to be part of a documentary on the positive impacts education has on kids. We spent the whole day with a film crew from Arizona who treated the kids like they were movie stars for a day. They turned our house into a movie set and followed us around Gorham –… Read more →

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