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NJ community college tries new model for remedial needs

Press of Atlantic City Press, 2/16/16

The high rate of remediation at county colleges and the challenge those students face in graduating have been ongoing issues in the state’s 19 community colleges. As many as two-thirds of new students require at least one remedial course.

Some can spend an entire semester or more in remedial classes, often getting discouraged and dropping out.

Getting the PARCC Conversation Out of ‘Park’

We’ve finally started to receive our student-level results here in Colorado from the first year of PARCC tests, which were given way back in the halcyon days when Donald Drumpf was just a reality TV creature. During the interim 10 months—and, come to think of it, even before a single student had faced a single PARCC question—the tests were getting… Read more →

Mired in Averageness: What Will It Take, Suburban Schools?

Parents pay dearly for the privilege of living within the boundaries of Chicago suburban schools such as Barrington High and Naperville Central. Both are ranked among the top 40 high schools in the state, and both have average ACT scores that are 24.4 and 24.7, respectively—solidly above the state average. But peek below the hood, and you start to see… Read more →

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