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Two sons, two grades apart, reading the same book: Should I be worried?

My fourth grader and sixth grader are reading the same book in school right now.  That’s right. The book is The Lightning Thief.  And what’s more,  my sixth grader already read (and loved!) this very same book when he was in fourth grade at his prior school. Both schools, one charter and one traditional district school, are similar in that… Read more →

Education polling: Are Americans complacent, or just confused?

Opt-Out. Testing. Charters. Common Core. Closings. Accountability. Standards. Teacher Tenure. Teacher Pay. School Spending. If you’re in the education bubble, like we are, you spend the whole year thinking about these issues. But if you’re not, this is the time when a handful of organizations tell the rest of America what parents, teachers and other members of the general public… Read more →

Because parents want to be the learning heroes for their kids

It’s back-to-school time, which means parents’ inboxes are stuffed with advice and to-do lists about how to make this a successful year for your kid. This to-do list can look dramatically different depending on the age and grade of your student, but one thing remains universal: The need to keep the lines of communication open and honest. That’s why I… Read more →

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