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For Military Brats, the Common Core Is a No-Brainer

More than two decades after the fact, my family still refers to fifth grade as my “lost year.” My experience had been so lacking in academic rigor that when I found myself at a new school the following year, my sixth-grade teacher told my parents to give me extra work at home so I could catch up. He told them… Read more →

How an Army base in Kansas kept thousands of military kids on track in school

When the 7,000 troops of the U.S. Army’s First Infantry Division, a.k.a. “The Big Red One,” returned home from Germany a decade ago, they brought their wives and children with them. This influx of nearly 20,000 new residents threatened to overwhelm many of the services offered around Ft. Riley, Kansas–including the schools in northeastern Kansas. The situation could have been… Read more →

High, shared standards: That’s how we keep our students in military families from losing ground

At schools near military bases, experienced teachers will be able to pick out the truly new faces in classrooms and at parent-teacher conferences. These will be children and parents of military families who have transferred into the community at the request of Uncle Sam.  Military families present a special challenge for teachers and the education system in general. As a… Read more →

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