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NJ Editorial Board Shoots the Messenger and Denies the Message

The Asbury Park Press Editorial Board is in denial. While they gleefully — and expertly — dissect the dysfunction in low-income urban schools like  Lakewood the Board is aghast at a new report  called “Not As Good as You Think Why Middle-Class Parents in New Jersey Should be Concerned About Their Local Public Schools.” After all, it’s one thing to… Read more →

A Suburban Parent Explains Why Suburban Parents Are Rallying Against PARCC Tests

Laura McKenna, a white suburban New Jersey mom (and writer for The Atlantic), analyzes the backlash against the Common Core and aligned standardized tests in Suburbia and Its Common Core Conspiracy Theories. The first cadre of Core haters were GOP Tea Party-ers: “politically motivated critics, who have rallied against a national system of learning standards for decades.” But now, as we… Read more →

The Rise and Fall of the Suburban School

FOX’s first G.O.P. debate is a month from now and Republican presidential candidates, with the exception of Jeb Bush, can’t disavow college- and career-ready standards and assessments fast enough. So it’s up to the Democratic Party to stand up for low-income students who continue to get short shrift in the nation’s public schools. Andy Rotherham of Bellwether (and Eduwonk) is… Read more →

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