LeeAndra Khan

LeeAndra Khan

LeeAndra Khan now works as a middle school principal in Oak Park, Illinois and formerly spent ten years with in three Chicago high schools. as a principal, assistant principal and math teacher. Before beginning her journey into education, she spent 10 years as a civil engineer designing roads, highways, gas stations and bridge inspections. LeeAndra is the mom of one son and the daughter of a retired Chicago Police Officer. She recently delivered a TEDx Talk on teacher voice and leadership beyond the classroom, where she tells a story about how a school culture transformed through more teacher influence.

This suburban principal’s call to action: Give ALL kids access and believe in their big dreams

It never occurred to me that I couldn’t be anything I wanted to be. As I child, I dreamed of being Diana Ross, a doctor, an engineer, a business owner and a host of other things. As a student, I took risks expressing myself by deciding to play Malcolm X in a school presentation, I spoke up about injustice during… Read more →

We talked about school equity last year. Now we need to DO something about it

2016 was certainly the year of talking about equity around this country. Through data, the media and some brave storytellers, we figured out that students of color don’t experience school the same way white students do…again. By this I mean, this is not a new problem in our communities, we are just the new people are talking about it. School… Read more →

I was the smart black girl schooled in a white world, but zip code shouldn’t be our education destiny anymore

So much has already been said about the current election. People are disappointed. People are in shock. People are in fear. As a school leader, I am trying to have careful conversations with staff and students because you can feel the heavy as we sit with the thoughts of our country’s future. In the diverse suburb where I am a… Read more →

‘You ain’t all that’: Looking closer what value teachers add in high-performing schools

There was this saying that got thrown around when I taught at one of the elite selective enrollment schools in Chicago: “You can throw a book in a room with these students and walk out and close the door behind you and they will still learn.” Who doesn’t want to work in a school like this? Compliant students who perform… Read more →

Our schools need social justice warriors, not status-quo embracers

As we dive head first into this school year, I urge teachers, parents and leaders to think deeply about the mission of schooling and the mission of teaching. In today’s racial and political climate, we can no longer afford to be conforming, passive, unimaginative and silent. We need innovative social justice warriors. If teachers and leaders don’t decide to engage… Read more →

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